Consell de Cent

Just by the Joan Miró park and the cross street of Consell de Cent is where one can find this gorgeous gem, with more than 100m2 of wonderfully illuminated floor space by the natural lighting that falls on this corner apartment from the all three exterior angles.

At first glance the potential we saw in the flat inspired infinite possibilities. The large amount of natural lighting, ceilings with Catalan Vaults and wood beams, French style doors higher than 2 meters, and it’s four small balconies that open up to the heart of Barcelona presented the opportunity for us to develop a new architectural project. A project that allowed us to maintain certain crucial pre-existing elements of the flat while implementing necessary updates at the same time that make for the ideal modern living space.

The selection of the materials has been essential to the development of this project, capitalizing on the new distribution of the materials in order to optimize the space and contribute maximum sensorial quality that one can experience while living in this fantastic city apartment.


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