Castellet Winery

The project begins in Castellet, a small urban center belonging to Castellet i la Gornal with barely even 200 inhabitants in the heart of the Penedés and adjacent to the dam of the Foix.

The lines of the landscape, with a parallel rhythm, seem to repeat themselves into infinity and at the same time assume constant variations as they approach and surround the agricultural buildings and the trees.
Recognizing the peripheral condition of the area and proceeding to build a transition, an intermediate landscape, an interstitial space that connects the village with nature.

The construction, based on orientation and views, is the main parameter of the development of the proposal. Looking for good guidance, as the town seeks the rhythm of the mountain. Generating a new beginning and end of the town, being the fortress of the other.

To limit the area with the path, while turning the deck into the true facade, placing it below the level of the road, so as not to interfere with the visuals of pedestrians and drivers over the marsh and vineyards.
We do not look for construction within the landscape, but construct with the landscape, manipulating it as one more element to organize and give shape to the proposal.

The project seeks to define a sequence of sensations. A mouth that swallows you and takes you to its entrails, in which geometry, structure and construction are equivalent.

This project is not intended to be a tourist icon or a five-star hotel. You are looking for a motor that activates the area from several fronts. To do this, we want to involve not only the winery, but also the municipality, proposing an area that serves as a “marriage” between a cultural experience for the inhabitants of the region, a gastronomic experience for occasional visitors and provides an opportunity for young people to restore. All this around the wine. In short, a catalyst.


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